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The Findhorn Book of Forgiveness - Paperback

by Michael Dawson

The Findhorn Book
        of Forgiveness cover


Forgiveness: A Path to Inner Peace. Inspired by A Course in Miracles - eBook

This book has the same content as The Findhorn Book of Forgiveness but is published as an eBook.

This eBook can be read on Kindle, iPad, Microsoft eReader, Nook, PDF readers (Mac and PC) and most eBook readers.

eBook - AU$9.95

Translations of The Findhorn Book of Forgiveness available:

French translation of The Findhorn Book of Forgiveness
  (Le Livre Findhorn du Pardon)

Le Livre Findhorn du Pardon




Droga Do Radosci I Szczescia

Inneren Frieden und Heilung finden mit dem KURS

  Publisher and details

Publisher: Studio Astropsychologii

Publisher: Goldman Arkana

ROMANIUM translation

The The Findhorn Book of Forgiveness is a valuable tool for those who sincerely seek peace in their lives. It gives a clear framework for understanding the true nature of forgiveness, as well as discussing the implications for us when we do aspire to that path.

The book outlines simple practical steps and techniques we can use to help us in our efforts to learn and practise forgiveness with ourselves and others in our daily lives. Illustrative case histories and stories of forgiveness and healing are also included, as well as methods and approaches for helping others to forgive.

Though the underlying philosophy is inspired by A Course in Miracles® this book is applicable to us all, and is readily understandable by those not familiar with the Course.


The Findhorn Book of Forgiveness
By Michael Dawson

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Forgiveness asks us to stop pointing our finger at the people and events in the world as the cause of our pain, and turn instead to the unforgiven thoughts in our own minds. Here we can create change, which will lead to an ever-increasing sense of inner peace - Michael Dawson

From beginning to end this book takes you on a rollercoaster journey of forgiveness. Using practical steps and techniques, you are accompanied along the way by case studies of others and the obvious unconditional love and acceptance of the author, Michael Dawson. At times challenging, at times amusing, this little book packs a powerful punch. Its handy size makes it ideal to keep close at hand, to dip into when life’s going gets rough. Using practical steps and techniques, Michael’s work provides a pathway to something we all seek: inner peace.

Michael says that in every situation where we lose our peace, we have found a reflection of what is unhealed within us, what we have not forgiven ourselves for. He explains how our world is a reflection of our consciousness - life constantly reflecting back what is in our minds. So rather than getting upset when things aren’t going the way we would like, he suggests we pause and use his techniques to draw our attention to what is going on inside. The Findhorn Book of Forgiveness presents readers with the opportunity to go within and claim responsibility for their own peace.

Michael Dawson's inspiration for this book comes from A Course in Miracles, which he discovered whilst visiting the Findhorn Foundation in 1982. He became a member of the Foundation for about six years and involved himself with healing and teaching. He still lives nearby and now gives workshops on the Course worldwide. He is the author of Healing the Cause: A Path to Forgiveness, also by Findhorn Press.

Michael Dawson is available for interviews / appearances. To arrange please contact Elaine Harrison at Findhorn Press on tel: (+0044) 1309 690582, or e-mail: elaine@findhornpress.com

Review from the Miracle Network

Michael Dawson's new book is full of forgiveness exercises of all kinds, both from A Course in Miracles and from Dawson's own repertoire.
The exercises follow an excellent, comprehensive and clear overview of the theory of forgiveness, including the reasons we might be reluctant to forgive, false and true forgiveness, the healing benefits of forgiveness, on forgiving our 'enemies' and dealing with world events. Exercises include self-forgiveness, the 'AAA' approach (awareness, acceptance and asking for help), helping others to forgive themselves, forgiving others, changing our perception and uniting with another.
"Peace of mind," Michael Dawson says, "is a rare quality to find in this world. The strife we observe all around us mirrors the discord in our own minds. The path of forgiveness takes us back into ourselves, where the source of all conflict begins. Forgiveness asks us to stop pointing our finger at the people and events in the world as the cause of our pain and turn, instead, to the unforgiven thoughts in our own minds. Here we can create change, which will lead to an ever-increasing sense of inner peace."

Ian Patrick
Miracle Network

Cygnus Book Review

Michael Dawson

In The Findhorn Book of Forgiveness, Michael Dawson invites us to stop seeing the world as the source of our pain and encourages us to bring a non-judgemental awareness to the contents of our own mind - the only place where healing can occur. As we surrender our pain to the healing power of spirit, we gradually remove the veils we have created between our physical selves and our spiritual reality: a state of inner peace and joy that is not dependent on anything in the world. To help you take the journey of forgiveness, Michael Dawson offers lots of really useful exercises and techniques, and illustrates the process with inspirational stories and case histories of forgiveness and healing.

Cygnus Book Review



1. Who Do We Forgive
Forgiveness of Ourselves or Others?
Forgiveness Exercise

2. The Ego's World

Guilt and Denial
A Story of Forgiveness
Forgiveness and World Events
Forgiveness and Sickness
Introduction to the Ladder of Forgiveness
Self-Forgiveness Exercise (T1a)

3. The Ladder of Forgiveness - the First Rungs
Forgiveness is Unwarranted
Forgiving our ‘Enemies’
False Forgiveness

4. The Ladder of Forgiveness - the Last Rungs
True Forgiveness
The AAA Approach to Forgiveness
- Awareness
- Exercise in Awareness
- Acceptance
- Exercise in Accepting Others
- Refusal (poem)
- Asking for Help
AAA Forgiveness Exercise
Call for Love
Nothing to Forgive
The Fruits of Forgiveness
Daily Practice

5. Helping Others to Forgive
Working with Others (extract)
Summary of Some Techniques with Case Histories
- Initial Prayer
- Visualisation
- Tracking Back
- Spontaneous Inner Journey
- Asking for Help
- Guided Journey
- Role Reversal
- Inner Guide
- Dealing with Resistance


Reference Notation System for A Course in Miracles
Recommended Books and Tapes on Forgiveness
A Course in Miracles and Forgiveness
Exercise in Forgiving Others (T2a)
Exercise in Changing Our Perceptions (T3a)
Exercise in Uniting with Another (for 2 people) (T4b)