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                                                        Examples of the
        Progressive and Direct paths

From Jac O'Keeffe - www.jac-okeeffe.com - Quotes on the Direct Path:

Rest your attention where you are looking from.Then the rest of it will just do its own thing.
You may see that every single thought you can entertain only serves to perpetuate the personal self.
Keep attention there, where you are looking from. Behind it all. Pull right back.
Place attention prior to thought.
In any moment, you are either observing effortlessly or you are believing your thoughts.
Rest at the source of the next thought.
To feel and experience real happiness, causeless happiness, requires a conscious or unconscious surrendering of your interest in your thoughts.
Allows the 'trapdoor' to open, for the me to dissolve. Let It take you. Things will be taken care of. You can't lose any ground. Just jump.
Place attention between thoughts.
Be quiet, sit still, do not participate in any thoughts, leave mind activity aside for now and direct your attention to the source of the "I" thought.
Stopping unnecessary mental doing allows the natural state to arise. Placing your attention on the source of the "I" thought leads to something within you that is behind, prior to or beyond the mind.

From Adyashanti -  www.adyashanti.org - Quotes on the Direct Path:

Attention to non thinking, to silence.  No doing it, no technique, just being in it. Surrender into it as when falling asleep.
Resting as awareness means relinquishing everything in consciousness accept awareness.
You surrender the doer, the understander. Just rest and relax. It's a letting go. Letting everything be as it is right now.
This awareness, that is not thinking, if applied with great consistency, will cause the mind, thought, the dominance of mind, the tyranny of mind, to spontaneously collapse.