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Healing the Cause - A Path of Forgiveness


•Contents of ACIM workshops 4
•Group Discovery 7

•Light - Healing 9
•Metaphor of light 10
•World is a projection (HAND) 11
•My thoughts do not mean anything 13
•”What are you without past&future?” 14
•Silent Expectancy - Idols,Images and attributes 15
•What do you value/give peace? 17

• 3 Ego Roles 18
•Drama Triangle 20
•Group Relationship Exercise 21
•3 Drama Plays 22
•Young/Old Woman
•List + & - projections 24
•Glasses 26
•I see you [3 parts] 29
•What I observe/imagine
•Guided Journey to sub (ego) personalities 30

•Mirror 32
•Self-Forgiveness[Birds] 33
•Ext. Forgiveness 35
•Hlg Med on Relationships
•Changing Perspectives (Quick Fix) 38
•Choose Again 40
•Sacrifice GJ 41
•Moving thoughts into heart 42

•Golden Light (Joining bodies) 44
•Healing Heart exchange 46
•Describing pains e.g. headaches 48

Contacting the Holy Spirit
•Guided Journey (to clouds/sea/ screen) 49
•Holy Spirit guidance in pairs 52
•Holy Spirit guidance on own 54

•Joining through the chakras 56
•Regular check-in ex 58
•Group Agreements 59
•Dances 61



•Travellers Check List 63
•Materials to take to ACIM w/s 66
•Checklist for w/s organisor 67
•Outreach w/s checklist 68
•Foreign pubishers of Healing the Cause 70
•Songs of the Heart ordering 71


•What is ACIM - How it came -
What it says
•How it came stories
•Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice pamphlet and Song.
•Helens poems
•Jesus as author
•Jesus stories from bible reinterpreted
•Forgotten Song Video
•ÂCIM quote cards
•Metaphysics - God/Heaven/Separation
•Our creations
•God is unaware of us
•Holy Spirit & Lessons of the HS.
•Split mind
•Egos smokescreen of thought/Still mind
•Wrongmindedness - sin/guilt/fear
•Wrongmindedness - denial/projection
•Letter to my Father

Exercises Connected With Above:
Metaphysics = •Metaphor of Light T417/447 •Light - Healing •World is a projection,
•My thoughts do not mean anything,
Ego •Sins/Projection L134 •Problems L26 •Grievances L68 •Blessings L161
•What I observe/imagine •List + & - projections •Glasses •Young/old woman
•Drama Triangle Role play

•Body - L76 “No physical appetites...”
•Lesson- Under no laws but Gods
•Death [new quote sheet]
•Special Hate
•Special Love
•Holy relationships
•Miracles [quote sheet]
•Sacrifice - giving and receiving
•2 faces of the ego
•Law of chaos
•Healing - The function of a TOG [man]
•Healed/unhealed healer
•P3 and Song on healing and Sickness
•Forgiveness - 3 stages
•Forgiveness - ladder
•Our Job
•Forgiveness to destroy
•Real world [quote sheet]
•End of time - popcorn party
•Course misperceptions
•Rules for decision
•Decision making
•50 miracle principles
•Obstacles to peace
•I need do nothing
•Who am I?
•Planning - who decides?
•You understand nothing
•Quiet mind
•Silent expectancy
•Authority problem
•Stages of Trust
•Difficulties at the start
•Undoing the World

Exercises Connected With Above:
•Hlg Relationships
•Moving thoughts into heart
•Healing Heart exchange
•Ext. Forgiveness
•Describing pains e.g. headaches
•Cutting the ties that bind.
•Forgiveness of parents (L.Hay)
•Quick Fix
•Choose Again
•Learning to see each other (Group Disc)
•Sacrifice [GJ]
•Golden Light (Joining bodies)
•Forgiveness L121

Contacting the Holy Spirit
•GJ beyond projector to light (-modify!)
•Guided Journey (to sea & screen)
•Higher Self in pairs/on own

•Talk and listen. [and appreciate]
•Role play
•Letter to God.
•Ahhh breath


••Note to inform kitchen of teas at 3.25 p.m..............

1.15 to 3.30p.m. Room - Ballroom or w/s room Minutes

l. Attunement............

2. Introduction............

Non competitive - you choose the depth - no shoulds - opportunity for undoing denial, self acceptance and joining - have fun!

3. Sentence Completion............ (Music) Threes 7m
Moving around room to gentle continuous music. When music stops, find a partner, hold hands and complete these sentences:
1-The way I best receive guidance is ...... (each song is 1 minute
2-My biggest challenge with ACIM is ....... using the continuous
3-The greatest block I have against God is ...... music)
4-What I most need to forgive about myself is ......
5-God to me means .......
6- I believe healing is ............

4 Blind Artist Threes
Blind artist and clay, sighted model. In silence

5. [2.05 pm] Elephant's trunk ............ Partners (8mins each)
demonstrate - touch objects/people - in silence - beware body and head! - step guidance - pair up[one with watch] - return to room in 16mins and share

6. [2.35 pm] Separation/Joining.. (Mozart Clarinet Concerto) 10 m - own world
- look but keep moving
- stop, look and move on
- stop, look longer before moving on
- stop, look and touch
-spontaneously greet

7. Learning to See............ Partners 15m
read modified exercise - time to share

8. COMPLETION............ (Music) 15-20
Moving around room to music, approach each person, hold hands, look into eyes and say:
Say name followed by “I bless you, I open to you, I join with you.”

Extras: -

•Trust Fall - two groups - arms crossed against chest
•Trust walk - close eyes & walk across circle trusting us to stop you, turn you around and guide you to a new direction. I will tell you when to stop.


EXERCISE - I do not know what anything, including this, means.

3 -Let us be still an instant, and forget all things we ever learned, all thoughts we had, and every preconception that we hold of what things mean and what their purpose is. Let us remember not our own ideas of what the world is for. We do not know. Let every image held of everyone be loosened from our minds and swept away.

I do not know what anything, including this, means.

And so I do not know how to respond to it.

And I will not use my own past learning as the light to guide me now.



EXERCISE - I do not know what anything, including this, means.

3 -Let us be still an instant, and forget all things we ever learned, all thoughts we had, and every preconception that we hold of what things mean and what their purpose is. Let us remember not our own ideas of what the world is for. We do not know. Let every image held of everyone be loosened from our minds and swept away.

I do not know what anything, including this, means.

And so I do not know how to respond to it.

And I will not use my own past learning as the light to guide me now.




Note; Light is an age old spiritual metaphor (comparison between two objects or actions) to describe the essence of spirit - God - Heaven - truth.
The Course asks us to bring our darkness (illusions) to the light (truth) thus undoing the denial advocated by the ego.

1 - Find a partner that you will share with at the end of the exercise.

2 - Relaxation + Prayer to be open to receive help

3 - Meditation.Ask Jesus/HS to show you someone where forgiveness is needed. It may be someone you have known a long time or someone you have just met who you do not like. Think of the last time you experienced pain in connection with this person........find the area in your body where you are holding that pain.......accept that pain, don’t try to change your hand over the pain.......ask now for help to open to the light of Jesus/Holy Spirit .........see/feel the light around you........imagine yourself opening that part of your body to the presence of the light........feel the light pour in and lovingly surround the pain......with each breath that you take, you draw the love of Jesus into your pain.......release any judgement you hold about your pain and ask Jesus to transmute and heal it.......your pain is your gift to him which he will joyously take away so you can - all the more - feel the love he has for you........continue until you feel complete.

4 - Share in partners 2 or 3’s MD - 9/92




1 - Ask participants to select any object in the room to look at.
2 - Trace the path to the brain with the group :

•inverted retina image - ask "Do you see the object yet?"
•electrochemical pulses travel on the optic nerve - ask "Do you see the object yet?"

3 - The pulses reach the rear of the brain creating
electrochemical changes and the object is 'seen'
Ask "Where are you seeing it?" - Ans: "It must be in the brain"
4 - Ask "What is the object you are 'seeing out there'? - is it the real object or a mental image/projection? - Ans: It must be a projection.

There are not 2 things - an image and an object, only an image.

5 - Q. What is the source of the image/projection. Ans: A thought in the ego's mind
6 - Turn 2nd part of the diagram over and explain ALL form is a projection.

My thoughts are images that I have made. It is because the thoughts you think you think appear as images that you do not recognise them as nothing. You think you think them, and so you think you see them. This is how your seeing was made. This is the function you have given your body's eyes. It is not seeing. It is image-making. It takes the place of seeing, replacing vision with illusions. W25/25

What I see reflects a process in my mind
, which starts with my idea of what I want. From there, the mind makes up an image of the thing the mind desires, judges valuable, and therefore seeks to find. These images are then projected outward, looked upon, esteemed as real and guarded as one's own. From insane wishes comes an insane world. From judgement comes a world condemned W454/464

I see nothing as it is now....It is difficult for the untrained mind to believe that what it seems to picture is not there. W15/15

I have invented the world I see. Today we are continuing to develope the theme of cause and effect. You are not the victim of the world you see because you invented it. You can give it up as easily as you made it up. W49/49


1 - Close eyes

2 - Simply become aware of your thoughts without trying to control them.

3 - Repeat to yourself:
These thoughts do not mean anything. (PAUSE) The thoughts of which I am aware do not mean anything because I am trying to think without God. -(REPEAT) W81/83

4 - Become aware of your thoughts again.
Allow so called good thoughts as well as so called bad thoughts to occur.

5- Repeat to yourself:
“These thoughts do not mean anything..(PAUSE) .None of them (neither the good and bad' thoughts) represents my real thoughts, which are covered up by them. (REPEAT) W6/6

6 - Become aware of your thoughts again.

7- Repeat to yourself:
What I call my thoughts are not my real thoughts. (PAUSE) My real thoughts are the thoughts I think with God. (REPEAT) W81/83

PAUSE and then say this is the keynote on which we will finish:

When your peace is threatened or disturbed in any way, say to yourself,
I do not know what anything, including this, means. And so I do not know how to respond to it. And I will not use my own past learning as the light to guide me now.
By this refusal to attempt to teach yourself what you do not know, the Guide Whom God has given you will speak to you. He will take His rightful place in your awareness the instant you abandon it, and offer it to Him.

Who are you without your
past or imagined future?

1 - Pair up.
2 - Choose A and B
3 - Read Lesson 8 .


My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts. W-pI.8.1.
This idea is, of course, the reason why you see only the past. 2 No one really sees anything. 3 He sees only his thoughts projected outward. 4 The mind's preoccupation with the past is the cause of the misconception about time from which your seeing suffers. 5 Your mind cannot grasp the present, which is the only time there is. 6 It therefore cannot understand time, and cannot, in fact, understand anything.
W-pI.8.2. The one wholly true thought one can hold about the past is that it is not here. 2 To think about it at all is therefore to think about illusions. 3 Very few have realized what is actually entailed in picturing the past or in anticipating the future. 4 The mind is actually blank when it does this, because it is not really thinking about anything.

4 - A aks B “Who are you without your past or imagined future”?
5 - Listen WITHOUT COMMENT to answers. When B is quiet repeat question.
6 - Swop roles.
7 - Share exercise together


- Idols, Images and Attributes -

Now try to reach the Son of God in you. This is the Self That never sinned, nor made an image to replace reality. This is the Self That never left Its home in God to walk the world uncertainly. This is the Self That knows no fear, nor could conceive of loss or suffering or death.

Nothing is required of you to reach this goal except to lay all idols and self-images aside; go past the list of attributes, both good and bad, you have ascribed to yourself; and wait in silent expectancy for the truth.

God has Himself promised that it will be revealed to all who ask for it. You are asking now. You cannot fail because He cannot fail.

from A Course in Miracles® Lesson 94

EX: make a list of idols and self-images e.g:

a...lay all idols and self-images aside;

IDOLS (substitutes for God) SELF-IMAGES (who we think
we are)

e.g. e.g.
• special rels - child/lover/parent •Man
• food •Teacher
• sex •Mother
• books (my story) •Body

2...go past the list of attributes, both good and bad,

e.g. e.g.
• intelligent • stupid
• good looking • ugly
• fit • greedy
• kind • angry

RELEASE Exercise:

1 - relaxation - have list nearby
2 - pray to allow help in
3 - Ask to be shown an idol, self-image or attribute that you feel most attached to.
4 - Feel your DEPENDENCY on it - where is the feeling located in your body?
5 - Imagine a tube connected to it and to the top of your heart.
6 - As you breathe in draw some of that dependency up the tube to the top of your heart. As you breathe out see/feel it being transmuted into light...........repeat.........
7 - Let that part of your body be filled with God’s love for you - breath it in.


What do you value?


1 - Pair up.

2 - Choose A and B

3- A aks B “What do you value”?
- Listen WITHOUT COMMENT to answers.
When B is quiet ask “Will that bring you lasting peace?”
- Listen WITHOUT COMMENT to answers.

- finally A ask B a last question “What will bring you lasting

4- Swop roles.

6 - Share exercise together.



1.PERSECUTOR - anger

1. Is isolated (independence is vital)
2. Is critical and aggressive
3. Is rigid, fixed, defines things in black and white
4. Relishes conflict
5. Enjoys the fight as a way of staying distant and not
showing vulnerability
7. Fears that if boundaries soften, they won't exist
8. Projects negativity, sees no good in anyone
9. Is paranoid and projects hostility on others to justify
defensive behaviour
10. Puts out "Go away" and "I don't need you messages"
11. Has anger as the main emotion
12. Attempts to achieve inner peace by going to war

Victim Rescuer Persecutor
Negative mother Knight Errant Judge
Negative father Kind father Critic
Comparer Pleaser Perfectionist
Sulky child Responsible self Pushy child
Lazy/idle self Good mother Pusher/power broker
Martyr Missionary/Messiah Superior self

2. VICTIM - shame

1. Complains but doesn't take action
2. Asks for advice, then plays "Yes, but..."
3. Has been trained in powerlessness
4. Says "Fix me, make me better."
5. Says "It's not fair", "You're so lucky", "If only..."
6. Loves telling hard luck stories
7. Is a frustrator who leaves you feeling helpless and impotent
8. Thinks the world owes them a living
9. Needs people (dependence is vital)
10. Has shame and helplessness as dominant emotions

3. RESCUER - guilty

1. Avoids conflict and desires harmony
2. Deprives others of resources
3. Attends to needs of others
4. Is seen as good, warm, caring
5. Has strong adapted parts
6. Feels taken for granted
7. Projects sadness, seeks and imagines sadness in others
8. Has difficulty in saying "No" and maintaining boundaries
9. Gives "Comes to me messages"
10. Ignores negative motivation in others and creates a world of goodbut helpless people
11. Has guilt as the dominant emotion due to unrealistic



This is an exercise in undoing denial, in becoming more aware of the roles we play and our patterns. After a couple of minutes, role play becomes real.


- split into groups of three
- decide who will be mother, father and child
- decide who will be rescuer, persecutor and victim
- discuss for 5 minutes where you will be going on holidays this year
- we will tell you when to stop, you will then share for a few minutes how that felt, then you will change roles again. (may or may not have time to do all 3)
- suggest you try a role you don’t feel familiar with.

Now time them for 5 minutes and tell them when to stop.
Now ask them to share :

was it difficult or easy, did it come naturally
did you relate to this role, was it familiar
was it difficult to stay in the role or did you revert to another one which role do you find you like or feel comfortable with
do you switch from victim to persecutor or vice versa etc.

- Begin again after a few minutes and time in role for another 5, repeat above


AIM - To learn how we relate in peer groups. What do we find that is challenging for us? What roles do we find ourselves playing?

GROUP TASK - To get group consensus* on the title for the picture story over page.

The group has 20 minutes to complete all of the following;

1 - Choose 4 group roles
A) DISCUSSION FACILITATOR - guides the members through the meeting.
B) TIMEKEEPER - keeps track of the time, acts as an alarm clock, not a judge. Reminds group members toward end of meeting to save time for the Process Observer’s report.
C) RECORDER - records information for use during the meeting.
D) PROCESS OBSERVER - watches and reports back at the end of the meeting how members are working together as well as what they accomplished.

2 - Get group consensus on the title for the picture story over page.*

3 - Choose a group representative to go forward to a ‘fish bowl’ meeting and get consensus one one title for the picture story with representatives of the other groups. The ‘fish bowl’ group will have 10 minutes to reach consensus.

*Definition of consensus: Loyal minority agree to support majority.

* QUESTION.......

We may need to demonstrate this.

Purpose: To become aware of roles we play and how we relate through past patterns, fear, conditioning, denial, conflict, cajoling etc.
Use one plot only and the plot to effect everyone.

l. Divide into groups equal groups.

Plot 1 - 6 players
Mother, father, granny, grandpa, 18 year old daugher, 16 year old son
Plot - Father's brother has been killed in an aeroplane crash. The brother's wife, 5 year old daughter and 8 year old son have nowhere to go. Father has told them they can come and live with he and his family for a few months.
How does each member of the family react?

Plot 2 - 7 players
Father, mother, Aunt Maud, Uncle Tobias, l8 year old daughter, 16 year old son, 14 year old daughter.
Plot - Father is told by his the company he works for that they are sending he and his family (but not A.Maud & U.Tobias) to the Ukraine for 3 years. He is to teach the Ukrainians how to convert their amunition-making factory into a car-producing factory. How does each member of the family react?

Plot 3 - 7 players
Father, mother, 24 year old daughter and her 26 year old husband, l8 year old son, l6 year old daughter, (l4 year old cousin whose parents died in a car crash 2 years previously).
Plot - Mother has just received a phone call to say she has won the Pools and will be receiving £2,000,000 in prize money. How does each member of the family react?

Each group will take a few minutes to discuss who will play what role in their family. Don't discuss how you will play these roles. Let that evolve naturally as the plot takes place and if you have trouble relating to it, you can use your imagination as to how you would feel in this situation.

Each family will take 10-15 minutes for their role play. The rest of the workshop will observe. Begin by saying who you all are e.g. I'm l6 year old daughter.

At the end of the roleplay, there will be some time for comment from the "family participants" on anything which may have been triggered and from the workshop participants with regard to roles or patterns observed.


Note: Do not give any explanation for this exercise - aim is to take group by surprise.
Aim: To see the negative projections we have on others in ourselves.

Tell group we will be starting with an exercise and to get paper and pen.
Draw a line down the middle and across the top. Demonstrate this.
Think of someone you know well, someone you both like and dislike, a parent, partner, lover, sister/brother, boss, friend.
Now write in the top left-hand box “I like (name) when he/she is ............... e.g. I like John when he is happy, sensitive, caring, the way he dresses” etc.
In the right hand box, write “I dislike John when he is angry, uncaring, insensitive, when he drinks, when he smokes, when he doesn’t listen to me” etc.
Get at least 4 or 5 likes and dislikes.
If you can’t get 4 or 5 likes and dislikes, think of someone else and add their name at the top.
The more you write in your column the better.

Does everyone have 4 or 5 likes and dislikes or do you need more time?

Go back to the top of your list now and cross out the person’s name on each side of the columns and write your own name in.

Now by the law of projection, what you like and don’t like in another, must be in yourself.

The forms may be different :
e.g. you may not like a person being overweight and yet you are not overweight yourself but you may dislike having a fat tummy.
You may dislike a person expressing their anger and you never do this but you repress your anger and express it perhaps by withdrawing, cutting off.
You may dislike a person drinking and you never drink but look at the feelings which are brought up in you. What does drinking mean to you, is it an escape in some way and what do you do in order to escape?

If you are having difficulty relating to this, Michael and I can help you to work with any examples.


Aim: To see how easy it is to judge and the ability to change your mind or perspective about a person or situation to see the highest. It helps us to get in touch with our basic beliefs about the world and people. Shows us how easy it is to project and how we can decide what we believe.

l. Pair up with someone you feel you haven’t connect with yet and sit opposite each other, make yourselves comfortable as you will be sitting for some l0 minutes.

2. This exercise is done in silence and maintaining eye contact. You will be given some pairs of glasses which have different beliefs and you will view your partner through these glasses, believing what the glasses say. I will tell you what the glasses are.

3. Close your eyes now and take a moment to centre yourselves, get comfortable and relax.

4. The first pair of glasses that you are going to put on says "this person likes me."
- Open your eyes now and look into the eyes of the person in front of you
- maintaining the eye contact, silently say to yourselves, "this person likes me".............
- this person likes me ..............
- just note how your body is feeling - are you relaxed or is there some tension?............
- is it difficult to stay in the exercise or is it easy to flow with it?.............
- ..........this person really likes being with me, enjoys my company.............

5. Close your eyes now and take those glasses off. The next pair of glasses says "This person could be a problem to me."
- open your eyes now and look into the eyes of your partner.
- “this person could be a problem to me”.............
- this person knows alot about me, knows the things I feel guilty and ashamed of, they might tell these things to other people.............this person could be a problem to me ...............
- are these glasses easier than the first pair or are they more difficult?...............WAIT 1-2 MINUTES
- now these glasses are getting stronger, this person could hurt me, really hurt me ..............
- note the feelings in your body...
- is this difficult to stay with or are you flowing with it?..........
(Alternatives for 5. “This person wants to control me, this person can’t be trusted”)

6. Close your eyes now and take those glasses off.

The next pair of glasses says "This person has something creative, fun and inspiring to teach me."
- open your eyes now and look into the eyes of your partner
- this person has something creative, fun and inspiring to teach me.............
- here in front of you is a wonderful teacher. They know exactly how to make you joyful. Perhaps you could visualise doing something with this person, singing, dancing, creating something together..............

- this person has something creative, fun and inspiring to teach me ............
- note any difference in how you are feeling in your body, is it easy or not to flow with this pair of glasses?.................

7. Close your eyes and take these glasses off now. The last pair of glasses says "These glasses can see beneath the personality in front of me. They see what God created, a divine immortal and loving being"............
- open your eyes now and look into the eyes of the person in front of you
- you see in front of you what God created, a divine immortal and loving being ........
- these glasses can see beyond sex, age, character, culture, conditioning, fears........
- as you look into these eyes, you go beyond the mask and you begin to see the light within.......
- what you are looking at is yourself, that same light.............the divine, immortal, an infinitely loving being...............
- if it feels appropriate, make some gentle contact but continue to look into the eyes.........
- when you feel complete, share your experience of this exercise with your partner.

From David Earl and modified by Michael Dawson

- Time 40 minutes

Purpose: Beginning in a light easy way to connect with each other, then going deeper and undoing denial, going beyond the ego to spirit and allowing a deeper joining to occur with each other.
Points: Partner, A/B, own language, partners alternate with Q and A.

(allowing lighthearted joining) - approx. 6 minutes.
A begins:
“I imagine you as ........”
“I see you doing............”
“You remind me of .....”

2. GOING DEEPER - (designed to break the barriers down).
Allow longer time than no. 1 - 8-9 minutes.
A asks the following 3 questions and B answers all, then B asks A and continue alternating.
Answers should be immediate and short, no prolonged thinking.
- “What do you fear?”
- “What do you understand?”
- “What do you know?”
N.B. difference between understand and know is that understand is mental, know is from the inner.

- Join hands, close eyes
A begins by asking the following question and then B asks A, continue alternating:
“I see you and what I see is.......”



Michael Dawson, l992.

Guided Journey to Sub-personalities
Time 1 hour (l/2 hr + 1/2hr sharing)

Check: Toilet break, windows closed, lights lowered.
Aim: To meet and dialogue with parts of yourself which you are presently unaware of which will lead to greater understanding of yourself.
Preamble: When people do guided journeys, they may experience everything from spiritual peaks to falling asleep. If tired, sit up. You may experience meeting ‘dark’ parts of yourself in the form of say a witch or snake or cloaked figure. These figures are just shadow parts of yourself which you may not have been in contact with before. If this occurs, try to accept the figure, even though you may be frightened and speak to it, it will have some fascinating things to say which will help you enormously and talking to it lessens the fear and may result in the figure transforming completely. (My story with my witch).

1. Preparation: Get comfortable, lie down but if sleepy, sit up.

2. Relaxation: Short relaxation procedure. Deep breaths, tense muscles, count back 10-0.
Ask for help with this journey.

3. Guided Journey: You find yourself walking down a beautiful country lane in spring. The sun is shinning brightly and you feel its warmth as you walk along..... You hear the sound of birds singing in the trees.... You can smell the scent of flowers in the air and you pass by a clump of daffodils. You stop to look at them and smell their perfume. You see the beauty of these flowers as you spend a few moments with them......

You walk on now and up ahead, you see a gate and you go through this gate into a pleasant garden where you stop and look at a house thats there..........

You walk around the house and you come to the front door which is open. Inside this house, are all your subpersonalities, your helpers as well as the ones that give you challenges.
You walk up to the door of the house and you go inside.......

You walk around the house and have a look but you don’t go into any of the rooms where your subpersonalities are PAUSE You leave the house now and go outside and you then call to your subpersonalities to come out of the house one at a time.

You let them form a circle with you. Remember you are in charge. The subpersonalities will do whatever you tell them. They will obey you. PAUSE COUPLE OF MINUTES HERE

Now invite some of the subpersonalities to speak to you and listen to what they have to say to you. If there are alot of subpersonalities, tell them you can only listen to a few today but that you will come back at another time so that each one of them can speak to you.
Try to love and accept the challenging subpersonalities the way they are. They are your children, you have created them for a purpose. Listen to someof them speaking and hear how they have served you.

Now choose 2 of the subpersonalities who find it difficult to relate to each other and let them share together, listening to what they say to each other.

Tell your subpersonalities that you need to go now and that you will return at some stage to speak with them again.

Gently bring yourself back and write down any insights from the exercise.

Share in pairs or circle share.


Aim: To measure our self-worth and self-acceptance
Note: Can be done in a circle or split into smaller circles
Exercise follows on from talk on self-worth and self-acceptance

We don’t always realise how little we accept ourselves, the lack of self-worth we have about ourselves.
However, fortunately there is a way we can measure the degree to which we accept ourselves using a special device which we have brought with us.
The device has a set of instructions and we say these instructions into it - here read the words.
Now no-one in this room will believe this l00% and what we are working with is to what degree we can accept our imperfections.

So what you need to do is to say this sentence out loud slowly four times into the device.

Now open the mirror and show them what it is.

You say the sentence slowly because the ego would like to say it very quickly and get it over and done with (say it here quickly). The reason we repeat it four times is that you might find yourself accepting the statement with repitition - it may become easier or it may in fact become more difficult.

Say the sentence whilst looking into your eyes and your measurement as to how you feel will be in your body and will tell you how much acceptance you feel.

I will demonstrate.

Now unacceptable things may come up in this exercise, however you can take this into the exercise that will immediately follow this one on self-acceptance.

On Completion:
Sharing from the exercise


Music: Australian Bird Symphony
Keynote: Whatever you resist persists, whatever you accept will heal.
Aim : The aim of the exercise is to accept more fully, some part of yourself that you dislike or perhaps even hate, to try and become more friendly and accepting of this part, even perhaps to the point of seeing that it no longer serves you. As you accept these parts of yourself, they can heal.

1. Relaxation : Ensure body is relaxed to help open to exercise.

2. Put out a prayer now and ask your Higher Self/Holy Spirit to help you in this exercise.

3. Recall a time when you experienced yourself acting or thinking in a way that you cannot accept, something you would be ashamed to admit to another. Perhaps it was hatred, a desire to hurt another or maybe it is something about yourself you dislike e.g. sadness, weakness, cowardice, lust, pride etc. Bring it to mind and use one word to describe it.

4. We will move into the exercise now which will be in three parts. For the first part, I will give you a sentence in which you will include your word such as hatred, vengeance, lust and you will then repeat the sentence over and over to yourself in the silence. The sentence is this “I love this feeling or thought of - here put your word in - hatred, anger), it doesn’t have to change or go away. It is part of me. I accept it. As you start to repeat the sentence, you may feel alot of resistance. Just watch this, accept it and notice if it becomes easier. Perhaps you will smile a little at yourself after a few repititions. PAUSE FOR ABOUT ONE MINUTE and then repeat sentence again - I love this feeling of ........ it doesn’t have to change or go away, it is part of me, I accept it. PAUSE 2-3 MINUTES.

7. Now see the feeling as a small, distressed child in front of you This is not your inner child but a symbol or picture of this feeling. The child may want to talk to you. Its important to listen to its story................Try and comfort it. It may be angry at you and not want to receive your comfort and reassurance but just continue to love and accept it the way it is. You have created this child and in some way it serves you. PAUSE See if you can pick the child up and hold it to your heart, dry its eyes, continue to listen to it. LEAVE IN SILENCE FOR 2-3 MINUTES, MAYBE LONGER.

8 Are you willing to release what this child symbolises? If you are ask for help, perhaps some angels are there to lovingly take it away with them. If you are not yet ready to release the child, see it grow small enough to put it inside your heart and place it there. Look down on it with love. PAUSE

9. Take what time you need to complete this process MUSIC ON AT ZERO VOLUME AND SLOWLY BRING UP

Guided Forgiveness Exercise (Ext)

Keynote: We forgive people for what they have not done to us.

1.Progressively relax yourself by taking some slow deep breaths and then tense and release all the muscles of your body in stages. You can begin with your feet and finish with the muscles of your face. Tense/contract the particular area of your body, take a deep breath and release the tension as you breathe out. Finish by by counting back from 20 to 0 feeling yourself becoming more relaxed as you count.

2. Ask for help from Jesus or the Holy Spirit in doing this exercise.

3. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you someone you need to forgive. Recall to mind the conversations and events connected with the person you feel disturbed about. If strong feelings of anger arise say what you need to say to them, e.g. unexpressed thoughts and feelings. Its alright to feel angry or upset.

4. Feel in your body where you are holding feelings and emotions connected with this person. Say to yourself “I accept these feelings of ................. they are part of me.” Repeat the sentence until you feel more comfortable with these emotions.

5. Imagine the person is standing in front of you.

6. See the person starting to radiate light and watch them transform into a symbol or image of the Holy Spirit or Jesus.

7.Ask Jesus or the Holy Spirit to explain to you:
- What is this relationship teaching me?
- In what way is my behaviour similar to this person?
- What fear rises in me when I am with this person?

8. After Jesus/Holy Spirit has answered your questions ask to be given a symbol of your new understanding. Congratulate yourself on your new insights. Repeat to yourself "I accept myself exactly as I am."

9. Become aware of any remaining pain you may be feeling around this issue.
Tell yourself it no longer serves you to hold onto it. Offer up your pain to Jesus/Holy Spirit and ask it to be taken away. Visualise a tube connecting the pain to the heart. Breathe up the pain into the heart and let it be healed . Breathe out the transmuted pain as a blessing.

10. See/feel the person you wish to forgive. Become aware of their fear and pain and see it as a call for your love. See the person as a small, distressed child who is in need of comfort. You can understand how their fear and pain makes them behave as they do. Offer the person the symbol you have received. See them experience happiness as they receive the gift. Say anything more you need to say to them and listen to anything they may need to say to you. Thank the person for being your teacher.

MD - 6/96


If you wish to experience peace with your partner you must wish for them to be at peace. If you have resentment towards them your wish for them is punishment.

1. Relaxation. and prayer for help
2. Think-of someone who you resent. Acknowledge the resentment you feel and do
not judge yourself for this. Instead celebrate that you have the courage to bring
your shadow side to the light for healing.
3. See those resentments as a black chord joining you. Look/feel where it joins
the body - there may be more than one. Ask Jesus to come and help you.. Ask that
he cuts this chord and see it drop away and dissolve
4. Do you feel any remaining negativity? Turn to Jesus and ask that it be taken
from you. Say you do not need it any more and you want it to go. Be sincere and
earnest in your prayer. it is a joy for Jesus to take it from you but you must be
willing to release it. Watch him take it from you lovingly
5. See the person you have chosen on a stage. Give them gifts that would make
them happy and at peace. Give thanks for what they have given you and appreciate
those qualities in yourself.
6. Declare to the person that you want them to be at peace. See a white dove of
peace land on their shoulder. See them at peace. Call the dove to yourself and feel
your peace.
7. Know you can call the dove anytime you need.
8. Write down any insights.
9. Share the experience with someone.

Changing Perspective (Quick Fix)

As prayer is always for yourself, so is forgiveness always given you. It is impossible to forgive another, for it is only your sins you see in him. You want to see them there, and not in you. That is why forgiveness of another is an illusion. S-2.I.4:1-4

1. Aim: This is a short exercise to do any time you feel threatened or disturbed by others or a particular situation. By accepting the part of yourself that you see reflected in another, you will find peace.

2. Short Relaxation - Just take a few deep breaths, tensing all your muscles at the one time and on breathing out, let the muscles relax.
Count backwards from l5 to zero feeling yourself relaxing more and more.

3. Send out a prayer to the Holy Spirit for help.

4. Think of someone you are having a problem with in your life. Someone with whom you have some unresolved problem from the past and bring to mind the last difficult situation. Bring the person into your awareness.

5. Become aware of the feelings that you are experiencing and notice where they are located in the body. Go inside and feel that part of you. This is the part in you that stores the same or similar behaviour, albeit in a different form.
What does that part of you look like?
Ask for a symbol or picture for it.
Just let the picture come by itself spontaneously.

6. Decide if you want to keep this symbol or whether you would rather heal and transmute the symbol.
If you want to heal it, ask to be given another symbol and let the new symbol just appear and grow in front of you.
Just observe it.
What has it changed into, what does it look like?
Decide if you want to keep this symbol and allow it to replace the old one.

7. Now see the person that you projected onto in front of you, and give them this new symbol. See their happiness on receiving it.
This person has been a teacher to you and this is your gift to them.
Say whatever you need to say to them and listen to what they may have to say to you.
Try and recognise that it is your similarities, mirrored back to you, that was causing the pain.
Thank the person for the lesson you are learning from them.

(The above is based on an exercise received by my friend Dekyi-Lee during meditation)

•Partner up





5 - READ:

Say this to yourself as sincerely as you can, remembering that the Holy Spirit will respond fully to your slightest invitation:

I must have decided wrongly,
because I am not at peace.
I made the decision myself,
but I can also decide otherwise.
I want to decide otherwise,
because I want to be at peace.
I do not feel guilty,
because the Holy Spirit will undo
all the consequences of my wrong
decision if I will let Him.
I choose to let Him, by allowing
Him to decide for God for me.

From: A Course in Miracles end of Chap 5


Partner share/Circle share


Number 1 - Free Association. (20mins)
1. Explain the concept of sacrifice. Show the 2 cartoons ($$$$$ and hearts) - P.9 TM.
-Glossary- "The cost of giving is receiving"
2. Get into pairs . A and B.
3. B relaxes. A has B's notebook.
4. A repeatedly asks B "Sacrifice is......" and writes down the answer. Continue for 3 mins.
5. Swop roles.
6. Move back into a circle. Write words onto a flip chart.

Number 2 - Guided Journey (25mins)
1 - Choose a new partner. Both relax.
2 - Imagine yourself looking at the front door of your house.
3 - Enter your house. You feel yourself becoming very light. You float up to the roof and look down.
4 - You float through the roof and up above your house. Looking down you see other houses and people.
5 -Floating higher still you can now see your whole neighbourhood. The people look like ants. You stay here and watch the sun set and the stars come out.........Now you see the first light of dawn and you watch a beautiful sunrise.
6 - You float up higher and higher and go through a cloud and rest on its surface. You feel at peace. Some way off you see another cloud with a point of brilliant light on it. You know immediately that this is the light from a beautiful, loving and wise being. Slowly the cloud moves towards you and you start to make out details of what the being looks like. When it comes near to you go and greet this being.
7- Ask the WB to show you the biggest sacrifice you are making. (allow 3mins of silence)
8- Say to participants "The WB now gives you a symbol to represent that sacrifice. Look at it"
9- Ask the WB to show you the gift/lesson/growth opportunity in this sacrifice.
10- Say to the participants "The WB now gives you a symbol of the gift."
11- Draw the 2 symbols. Make any notes you need to remember what has been given.
12- Share in pairs (5mins) followed by brief sharing in the circle.



Aim: To work with self-forgiveness and self-acceptance.
Explanation: This exercise can be done quickly when you are disturbed by someone or some situation and allows you to move the unacceptable painful thoughts into your heart for healing.

Short relaxation procedure

Send out a prayer asking for help with the exercise.

Bring some unacceptable thought into your mind. Some thought you wish no-one else knew you had.
Just let it be there but let it be there with compassion.
Feel how the mind constricts around that thought, how it wishes to squeeze it out of existence.
See how frightened the mind is of itself. Feel the texture of the fear.
See how we live our life before a mirror.
Now take that thought and instead of surrounding it with denial and tension, allow it to float free in the mind. Just let it be there.
Allow that thought to be experienced as a sensation in the mind.
Feel its denseness, heaviness, its sharp edges.
Now, begin to allow that thought to sink into the heart.
Bring that sensation down through the throat and into your body.
Let it settle into the heart-space in the centre of your chest.
Let the thought just think itself there, in the spaciousness where there is room for everything and judgement of nothing.
Whether it is - a thought of violence, fear, dishonesty, hatred, lust, murder.
Whatever thought you fear is totally unacceptable in the mind, allow it to sink gently into the extraordinary openness of the heart, where it is welcomed in warmth and patience.
The natural spaciousness of the heart excludes nothing.
It experiences each thought compassionately as just another movement in the mind, just another feeling.
Experience that now, floating in this soft compassion. See how fear is like a prison in the mind. Come out into the warmth and love of your essential nature.
What is there to fear? What is worth the imprisonment of self-protection?


Michael Dawson, l992 Adapted from “Who Dies” by Stephen Levine


Aim: To join with another and and go beyond barriers, reaching for spirit,
going beyond the ego.

- sit opposite a partner, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Centre yourselves. Let your body relax. Become aware of any tension and breathe into it. Feel yourself opening to this experience and being aware of any resistance. Don’t try to get rid of any resistance that is there, just be aware of it. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in this experience allowing him to use this exercise to help you.

- Let your eyes gently open now to naturally and easily meet the eyes of your partner. Look deeply into each other’s eyes........note your reaction to this person in front of you, their personality, their age, their sex, their physical characteristics, any pain or fear you might see or sense through their eyes........ allow these things you are aware of to gradually subside and concentrate on the eyes............see the depth in those eyes.........go deeper into them and begin to see the light in your partner's eyes.............there is a spark of divinity there..........allow yourself to see this or sense it.

- Close your eyes now and mentally picture the light you saw or could sense in your partner’s eyes. If you did not see or sense this light, just know that it is there. Begin to visualise or feel this light as a brilliant ball and know that your own light is the same...........A brilliant ball of light that is the divinity within you.......This light represents who you really are, one with your partner, one with spirit, with God.

- As you visualise or feel your own light and that of your partner, see in your mind’s eye, these two lights emerging from each other’s body and then coming together, merging into each other......these two separate lights fusing into each other, becoming one light. Feel the power of this, the beauty and the freedom........and if there is any resistance or fear, just watch it allowing it to be there..................The light begins to move upwards now, rising higher and higher, joined together as one light and gently, gradually moving into the pure vastness beyond matter.......Peace is all around you, you feel free and open.

- Now see yourself approaching a vast expanse of light, the sky is nothing but light. You feel the brilliance of your own joined light but the light you are entering becomes stronger and stronger until is is the same brilliance as your own light. You feel your own light, two souls joined together merging with this other feel your boundaries gently fading away as you become one with this vast being of light. Here you are joined in eternity, formless, changless, perfect, limitless, you are peace, compassion, love, truth - take a moment to feel this, to experience it, allow the Holy Spirit to be with you in the silence................PAUSE COUPLE OF MINUTES HERE.

- Begin to bring your awareness back now.............feel yourself coming back into the your eyes now and look into the eyes of your partner. Just let your eyes meet softly, gently, no strain, just being, feeling what is flowing between you...............
- Reach out now and take each other's hands - continue to keep the eye contact in silence.
- When you feel ready, take a moment to share with each other. - Share in group. Sal/93



This exercise can be used when you are in a close relationship in which there is already trust following a conflict or during a conflict. It can also be used by yourself alone visualising the other person.

- Close your eyes, take some deep breaths and centre yourself - if you are with a partner, sit opposite each other.

- Imagine your heart.

- See the outer layer of skin overlying your heart and gently part it going to the body layers below and gradually, slowly, part the tissues and muscles down to the rib cage.

- Using 2 beams of light, slowly draw the ribs over the heart apart and see the heart beating quietly underneath.

- Picture the heart now as a pink rose. Carefully take your heart out with one hand and place it in the other hand. See it attached to your body from where it has come by the stem of the rose. Look at your heart.

- In your mind's eye, extend your hand to the other person and show them your heart. See your partner extending their hand to you in the same way. Look at each others heart, see the wonder as you look upon this tender living part of each other. The petals of your rose hearts are trustingly open, glowing with warmth and light.

- If you feel able, place your heart in the free hand of the other person, still seeing it attached to your body by its stem. Take note of your feelings as you hold the other's heart in your hands. Feel the deep trust, the wonder of touching this vulnerable part of the other person. You may wish to gently stroke the heart, to drop a kiss upon its petals. Take note of what the other person is doing with your heart, your feelings and emotions.

- When you feel ready, place your partner’s heart back in their hand and see yourself gently putting your heart back inside your body in a bed of golden light. Gently close the ribs and the layers of tissues and finally see the skin smooth on the surface.

Share this experience with your partner now.

Salice Dawson


The ego analyzes; the Holy Spirit accepts. T-11.V.13.1

Relaxation - Take a few deep breaths, tensing all your muscles at the one time on the in breathe and on breathing out, let the muscles relax.
Count backwards from l0 to zero feeling yourself relaxing more and more.

1 - Send out a prayer to the Holy Spirit for help.
2 - Bring your awareness and acceptance to an area of the body that is in pain.
Become interested in that area - what is happening there?
3 - How large is this area of pain?
4 - What is the shape of the pain e.g. circular, square , oblong etc?
5 - What colour is it? Let a colour come to you.
6 - How deep does the pain go into the body or is it only on the surface?
7 - Does it feel hard or soft?
8 - Does it feel hotter or colder than the rest of the body?

Now repeat the above series of questions again to yourself. You will find that you will start to get different answers to the questions as the area of pain starts to alter. The pain may even increase for a short while. Keep repeating the series of questions to yourself. Ask the pain how it feels and if it has a message for you. Ask what you need to change in your life for it to be healed. What is it that you need to fogive?
You cannot describe a pain and resist it at the same time. Thus this exercise helps you to accept the pain. Anything you can accept can start to heal.

The Holy Spirit asks of you but this; bring to Him every secret you have locked away from Him. Open every door to Him, and bid Him enter the darkness and lighten it away. At your request He enters gladly. He brings the light to darkness if you make the darkness open to Him. But what you hide He cannot look upon. T-14.VII.6:1-5

(Behind Screen)

Toilet break, windows closed, lights lowered.

Preamble and aim:
We are now about to do a guided journey. The object of this exercise is for you to make a closer contact with that higher aspect of your mind, your Higher Self (the Holy Spirit) which contains all the answers to your problems and can guide and advise you.
When people do guided journeys, they may experience everything from spiritual peaks to falling asleep. So it is important if you are feeling tired to do this exercise sitting up.
The Wise Being you will try to make contact with has absolutely no judgement of you but seeks to help you to awaken from your dreams and nightmares. Occasionally, some people may experience a dark being and if this occurs to you, using the principal of acceptance that we work with in the workshop, accept this dark being and its teachings. They normally come to teach you about some aspect of your shadow. As you accept it, it will usually change in form in front of you and become less frightening.
At the end of the journey, I will leave you in the silence so you can be with this Wise Being. You may already have some questions to ask the Being or you may prefer to leave it open. Stay as long as you need in the silence and when you feel ready, silently leave the room to go to lunch/tea and we will meet again at .....

1. Preparation : Get yourself comfortable, you may like to lie down but if you are feeling sleepy, its probably best to sit up.

2. Relaxation : Let your body relax by taking a deep breath in and letting it go. Now take another breath in and tense your feet at the same time. As you let the breath out, release the feet. (Repeat with legs, buttocks, stomach, chest, shoulders, arms, neck and face.) Now count backwards from 20 to zero at the rate of ..... feeling yourself becoming more and more relaxed as you go. PAUSE AND COUNT YOURSELF

3. Guided Journey
- see yourself walking alone down a country lane on a beautiful summers day
- look around you at the bushes and the trees
- feel the road under your feet
- smell the air, the freshness of the country and listen to the sounds of nature around you, the birds singing, the sound of a distant stream
- the sky is blue above you and the sun shines down upon you
- you feel warm, peaceful and happy with a pleasant sense of expectation..................
- you come now to a gate and you go through it closing it behind you and you find yourself in a field........
- look around and see the grass and trees.........
- feel how different the earth is underfoot compared to the road, its soft and green...
- there are different smells in the field, perhaps some animals have been there.....
- you see a clump of flowers and you go over and see their beauty and smell their perfume.....................

- you see a wood on the other side of the field now and you make your way towards it
- as you approach the wood you sense the peace and stillness there
- you see a path winding its way into the wood and you follow this path
- its cooler in the wood and the path feels soft underfoot
- as you look up you can see the sunlight streaming down through the trees
- you feel at peace here in the silence
- as you walk along, you see a tree you like - go over to it and touch it - let its healing quality flow into you - try putting your back against it ................
- you rejoin the path now and up ahead you can see a clearing in the woods
- you walk towards it and as you enter the clearing you see a beautiful house
- take a moment to look at it ................ you are drawn to going into the house and you enter through the front door and go into a room you find there
- sit down and look around this beautiful room, it has beautiful pictures on the walls and precious objects of art ................
- there is another doorway at the end of the room, leading into another room
- (across the room is a tall partition, a curtain)
- you realise deep within you that in that room (behind that curtain) is the real you, immortal and divine - who you really are. Go into the room (behind the curtain) and allow yourself to make your own acquaintance, tenderly and lovingly.
- spend time with yourself experiencing this wise and loving part of you
- ask any questions that you want to knowing that this part of you knows the answer


If there is no break, ask them to return to the room and suggest they may wish to write down or draw any insights. Suggest give themselves a good stretch.
Share in pairs or circle.

The Higher Self Exercise

The Higher Self experience is an exercise that allows you to get in touch with your inner knowing. During the exercise, you will be in meditation as your higher self while your partner (your questioning self) will be asking you the questions you have decided upon.

What would you ask of your highest self at this time, knowing that you will receive the answer to any question that you ask? Write this question down on the top of a blank sheet of paper. If you have a second question write it on top of another sheet.

One person will take the role of his/her own Higher Self and the other person is to become the partner's questioning self. The person who takes the role of the questioning self makes sure that he/she understands the questions being asked before the exercise begins.

Attune together and allow the space between you to become quiet. The questioning self opens the experience by verbally describing the purpose of being "I agree to ask your questions and take the role of your questioning self. I see you as your highest self at this time and acknowledge your wisdom."

Release from the attunement and become comfortable. The person who is answering might like to lie down. Go through a relaxation exercise, tensing and releasing your muscles starting with the feet and working your way up to your head. When you feel relaxed and at peace say "I am ready for the first question." Your partner will then read the question to you. Allow the question to fill your whole being, knowing that the answer is there. Begin to speak to your questioning self and do not be concerned with the words you speak or the understanding. Just allow the words to come intuitively, without the use of the conscious mind. (You will use the word 'you' rather than 'I'). Allow the receiving to continue as long as there is energy there, then become still and relaxed again. The received words are written down by your questioning self, so be aware of the speed with which you speak. It is perfectly alright for your partner to ask you to speak more slowly or to repeat anything that was not heard clearly.

If you have two or more questions, you can now after a period of quietness, ask for the next question and work with it in the same way. This continues until there are no more questions. Then allow the space for the questioning self to ask "Is there any additional information for me at this time?" This is written down as before.

When the experience of receiving is finished, take a few minutes to relax and feel your awareness return to every aspect of your being. It is now time to give thanks for what you have received and for the cooperation of your partner. The last part is to release your roles, each person taking on their own full identity again.

Reverse roles and repeat the exercise.

Holy Spirit’s Guidance

This is a next steps exercise to move closer to God’s peace and love within you.
It is similar to the exercise you did yesterday in pairs where you became your Higher Self and your partner wrote down what your Higher Self said to you.
Once again, you will ask yourself a question and one again you will ask it from the ‘you’ perspective. The only difference is that you will write the answer down yourself.
As with yesterday’s exercise, this one will help you to get more deeply in contact with your own guidance.
So you will be asking yourself a question in connection with experiencing God’s love and you will be answering it and writing it down yourself.
Remain sitting up for the exercise.
Have pen and paper ready as you will be writing throughout the exercise.
We will do a short relaxation and then I will guide you through the steps.
1. Short relaxation - take a few deep breaths and breathe out the tension from the morning, tense the whole of the lower part of your body, feet legs, buttocks and stomach, on the in breath and then relax, breathing out the tension on the out breath. Now tense the upper part of your body, the airms, hands, chest, shoulders, neck and head, squeeze the muscles as you breathe in, feel the tightness in them and then as you breathe out, let yourself go and feel the muscles relaxing. Enjoy the feeling of letting go.
Count backwards now from 20-0 feeling yourself become more quiet and still, more relaxed, open and trusting as you count down.
2. Put out a prayer indicating your willingness to receive help. Give your permission to be helped, create a welcoming space, a little willingness.
3. You are going to ask a question now and the question is this : “What are my next steps in moving closer to God’s peace and love within me?” Repeat question immediately.
4. Sitting in whatever position is comfortable for you, take this question in -you may like to write the question down now - and remember you are asking this question of your Higher Self or the Holy Spirit.- What are my next steps in moving closer to God’s peace and love within me?
Staying in the silence and in the peace, take your time with this question and when you feel you are making contact with that presence within you, coming from the “you” perspective, write the answer down. Take your time, don’t rush..........From the “you” perspective, allow the answer to come.
If you feel a strong block, then write your block down, then as you exhaust your blocks, the other presence will come through............................ If you are still stuck you can begin to write your thoughts down, not worrying where it comes from but as you continue to write, the other presence will come through....................................If you are still experiencing difficulty with the exercise, just start writing about your difficulty i.e. I am feeling frustrated, I cannot do this exercise, just write down the way you are feeling.
5. Take what time you need to feel complete and then take a card from the ACIM cards in the middle. Write down what the card says in your books as we will share this later.
Check if anyone needs more time .
6. Hand focus to Michael here - may get each one to read card out, share in pairs, circle etc.


This exercise can be used to transcend the ego bodies and reach into spirit. It can be done out loud with a partner, one person leading, or can be visualised or put on a tape for both people to follow. It can also be done alone, visualising the other person.

- sit opposite a partner, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Centre yourselves. Let your eyes soften as they open to naturally meet the other person. Look deeply into your partner's eyes, beyond any fears you see there, beyond the personality. See the light in your partner's eyes, see the spark of divinity there.

- Close your eyes now and become aware of your thoughts, your intellect, capacity for decision, your mental body.

- Don't linger with your thoughts but take a moment to become aware of any feelings you have, your emotional body, your feeling nature. Just acknowledge your feelings letting them be there.

- Now picture your physical body. See the shape, the outline, the size, the density of it, feel your body sitting on the floor/chair.

- There are 7 centres or chakras in your body. Picture the first centre as a round disc of golden light at the base of your spine. From this base chakra, extend a ray of golden light to your partner’s base chakra; see the light linking you together. Now see the next centre, the sacral chakra below the navel and again, extend a ray of light to your partner’s sacral chakra and see the link between you. Now move to the next centre, the solar plexus centre in the abdomen, see the centre as a round disc of light and from here extend a further ray of golden light to your partner’s solar plexus centre. See the light linking you strongly together. The next centre is the heart chakra in the chest area. Again, visualise this centre as a round disc of light and then extend a line of light from here to your partner’s heart centre. Continuing to move upwards, now see the next centre at the base of the throat. Send a ray of golden light to your partner’s throat chakra and see the light glowing strongly and powerfully between you. The next centre is in the middle of the brow or forehead, visualise this centre now and then extend another ray of golden light to your partner’s brow. The last centre is the crown chakra on top of the head, see this now and again, send a beam of golden light from here to your partner’s crown chakra. See all your 7 chakras glowing with light, linked to your partner’s 7 centres by vibrant golden rays.

- Now picture these rays of light linking you together getting shorter, drawing your physical bodies closer to each other. See the lines getting shorter and shorter until you feel your physical bodies touching each other.

- Slowly, gently, visualise your bodies merging into each other until your chakra points are perfectly superimposed on top of each other. Feel this joining, the strength and power of it.

- The physical body is heavy and restricting. Begin to feel the essence of who you really are - not physical, not mental and not emotional. See the essence of spirit in the form of a strong golden ball of light in the base chakra. See it slowly move up through the sacral centre, on to the solar plexus gently moving up to the heart and then reaching the throat and moving up through the brow to the crown. See this golden ball of light emerging from the top of your head still joined with the other person. Feel yourself in this joined state rising higher and higher into the pure vastness beyond matter. Feel the peace of this.

- Now see yourself approaching golden light, the sky is nothing but golden light. You feel the brilliance of your own joined light but the light you are entering becomes stronger and stronger until is is the same brilliance as your own light. You feel your separateness merging with the one light, no longer conscious of any boundaries but one with this vast being of light. Here you are joined, you are peace, love, truth.

- Take a moment to feel this, to experience it.

- Open your eyes now, looking into the eyes of your partner. Just let your eyes meet softly, gently, no strain, just being, feeling the love and letting it reach you, reaching beyond the barriers to the point of joining. (pause). Reach out now and take each other's hands.

- When you feel ready, take a moment to share with each other.
- Share in group. Salice Dawson


May be used between partners, employee/or, families, friends etc.

This exercise can be done on a regular basis such as weekly where you make the time to be with each other without outside interruption.
You may wish to start with a meditation.
It requires a commitment to be open, truthful and honest.
If the appointment cannot be kept, negotiate another time.
Each person shares and the other gives complete attention and listens.
Agree to have no interruptions - however you may wish to discuss certain points after each category. Agree on this.
The idea is to really hear each other.
Any requests for changes in the other will need to be negotiated.

1. New information (insights, changes etc.)

2. Appreciations of the other person.

3. Things about the other you find challenging, troubling, or difficult and requests for changes or modifications.

4. Hopes, visions.

The process of exploring can leave you feeling close and open, even before you find a resolution. Interestingly, the resolution itself is usually less important than the process you go through. The process of geting there (the journey) creates the closeness, vulnerability and intimacy. You are "joining" and it is the joining that is the healing. Resolution can come when you are open to each other with barriers down and there is no desire to defend or attack.

If you do not feel warm, open, caring following an exploration, the process is not complete.

Salice Dawson, January l993
Adapted from an exercise from the Pairs Foundation Ltd.



l. Respect people's boundaries
- Important to express emotions and to feel this is a safe place to do so.
- We often rush in to rescue which can create a block for the person expressing their emotions.
- Give people a space to express what they need.
- They may not wish to be comforted at that moment so be sensitive.
- We often rush in to comfort because of our own need or nervousness, so take a moment to look and see if this is the place you are coming from.
- At the same time, it is important to support and sometimes, people need a touch or a hug so if you feel drawn from a clear space, it is important also to follow this.

2. A clear space to speak from.
- We need to show our respect and caring for each other by giving full attention when anyone is speaking - just like you are to me now.
- It can be very disconcerting when someone is sharing something - especially if it is personal - for others to be whispering or talking at the same time.
- Please don't interrupt when someone is sharing but if you have something of value to offer that person, wait until they finish and then ask them if they would like to hear what you have to say and if that person chooses not to accept any comments, we need to respect that as well.
- If you don't hear what someone is saying, just ask for it to be repeated.
If its a translation problem in a few words, thats perfectly ok.

3. Confidentiality.
- We want to create a safe space in this workshop where each of us will have the opportunity to share deeply. So be sensitive and don't pass on personal things outside the group. Its ok to share with others what you need to, especially from your own perspective but don't mention other people's names. Just be aware of how you share.

4. Speak for yourself.
- The easiest way to upset a group is to speak for the group using a 'we' statement e.g. "we feel so hot in this room, can we open a window"! Remember to use "I" statements, speak for yourself - its much more powerful and encourages us to be clear.

5. Punctuality.
- To support the good use of the group's time, we will start on time. It can be a bit frustrating waiting for people who are late to arrive so if someone can't make it to a session, please let either of us know ahead so we and the group won't be wondering where you are and whether you will be coming.


1. Pachelbel Meditation Dance:
- Group in circle holding hands
- Right foot - one step to the right
- Bring left foot behind the right
- Right foot - one step to the right
- Bring left foot in front of the right
- Right foot - one step to the right placing weight on it by rocking forward and without
moving either feet, rock onto the left foot, then the right, then the left
- Begin dance sequence again

2. Adoramus Te Domini:
- Group in circle, left shoulder facing into circle
- Right hand on left shoulder in front
- Beginning with right foot, take 4 steps
- Rock back on the right foot then the left
- Begin sequenc again

3. Israeli Wedding Dance to Zemmer Atik:
- Get in circle with left shoulders facing in
- Put left hand to left shoulder and person behind links hands using their right hand
- Starting with right foot take 4 fast steps
- Pause then clap twice to the right
- Pause then clap once to the left
- Repeat this sequence 3 times
- Swivel to the centre taking l step in with the right foot and snapping fingers to the right once
- Step in with the left foot and snap fingers to the left once
- take 4 short steps backwards beginning with right foot
- Repeat this squence once more
- Commence from beginning and repeat til music ends

4. Jiffy Mixer Dance
(even numbers, music plays twice)
- Form a circle and demonstrate basic steps
- Rehearse steps with circle
- Number off in ones and twos
- Ones step into inner circle, turn around, find a partner in outer circle and hold hands.
- Rehearse steps again with partners :
- outer circle starts with left foot
- inner circle with right
- heel toe, heel toe, side together, side together - outer circle
moving to left and inner circle moving to right
- step back, then clap and do this four times
- each circle moves to the right, finds partner and holds hands
- Rehearse sequence again changing partners.
Page 2

5. Kos Greeting Dance
We begin with a dance of greeting from the Greek island, Kos. It is said that wives of fishermen greeted their husbands with this dance as they returned after long absences at sea.
- Join hands by crossing your right arm over the left across your chest. Don't lock your elbows in place as it will tend to make you rigid. Keep your heart area open and your body loose.
- As this is a dance of greeting, during the dance make eye contact with each person in the circle. Say hello to them with your eyes.
- Take one step into the circle with your left foot.
- Bring your right foot next to it and take two little bounces by bending your knees slightly.
- Take one step back with your right foot.
- Bring your left foot back to join it.
- Bounce twice again.
- Repeat sequence for rest of dance.
(As I step forward, I greet you, as I step back I give you space, as I step to the side, I move on.)


Toiletries zip bag r
Ear Plugs r
Toothpicks r
Scissors r
Toothpaste and brush r
Comb r
Shaver/lead/brush cleaner/adapter plugs r
Shampoo (tea tree) and Metosin scalp lotion r
Vit E cream r
Sun block r
Massage oil r
Washer r

Veganin r
Sting and bite relief r
Band aids r
Antiseptic liquid r
Lip balm r
Homeopathic creams r

Napsack r
Stuff bags? r
Raincoat r
Socks r
Pants r
Trousers light r
Trousers heavy r
Shorts r
Swimming costume r
Hankerchiefs r
Thin vests r
Skivys r
T shirts r
Short sleeved shirts r
Long sleeved shirts r
Thin jumpers r
Thick jumpers r
Tie r
Jacket light r
Jacket heavy r
Running shoes r
Smart shoes r
Gloves r
Woolen hat r
Long underwear r
Thick blue jacket r
Broad brimmed hat r
Black peaked hat r
Sunglasses r

Tape recorder r
Cassette tapes r
Speakers r
CD Player r
CDs r
Rechargeable batteries r
Battery charger r
Headphones r

Safety pins r
First aid kit r
Torch r
Swiss army knife r
Water bottle r
Plastic bags r
Camera and film r
Maps r
Water purification r
Clothes line r
Rubber bands r
Reading glasses r
Sun glasses -reading r
Matches/lighter r
Toilet paper r
Bum bag r
Cutlery r
Cutlery ‘penknife’ r
Monocular r

A4 paper - white & coloured r
A4 clip board r
Brown carrying case r
Pens and pencils r
Envelopes and stamps r
Stapler r
Sellotape r
Blue tack r
A4 clear wallets r
Folders r

A Course in Miracles® r
Novels r JK r
Ramana & Nisargatta .r Mags r

Tea bags r
Brown sugar r
Muslie r
Dried bannans r
Yogs r
Sweets r
Artificial Sweetners r

Passport r
Air Tickets r
Travel Insurance or E111
Maps r
Travel Directions r
Travellers Cheques (American Express).... r
Driving Licence r
Credit Cards r



•Logistics sheet..........
•Teaching notes.........
•Registration sign.........
•Wallets, notebooks and pens..........

•ACIM cards...........
•ACIM videos...........
•Healing the Cause books at £6...........
•Notice advertising Healing the Cause at £6-00...........
•A Course in Miracles®, Psychotherapy: pamphlet, Song.....
•Gifts of God...........
•Sign out sheet for ACIM materials...........
•Roll of diags...........
•Coloured intro chart...........

•General ACIM info on groups, newsletters, mailorder etc .............
•Display books, mags and tapes.........
•ACIM wall posters...........
•Music/Group discovery/Dance tape box........
•My A4 red clip board/pen/paper...........
•Slim Carry Case [brown]...........

•Marker pens................
•3 bulldog clips.............
•Drawing pins...........
•Blue tack...........

Michael Dawson 28/1/96



Items needed:
tape recorder
flip board
white board
cushions/blankets for us to sit on

Ask participants to bring:
alert participants to bring own lunch and advise if cafe etc. nearby

Points to mention to Workshop Organiser:
- need quiet space which will not be interrupted including no telephone calls during workshop. Sign to be put on door if private home.
- participants must pay a non-refundable deposit
- past attendance at a workshop is not an option



Workshop Title..................................................................................

Address of Contact..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

1-Accommodation free?..........................................................................................
2-Cost of w/s room.?.........................................................................................
3-Cost of advertising.?.........................................................................................
4-Cost of travel?.........................................................................................
5-Can I be met at station/airport? [if not what cost a taxi?]
6-Your expenses e.g. phone,food,advertising
7-My tuition fee?.........................................................................................
8-Your fee/%. In exchange for workshop??......................................................................
9-Cut off date [APEX fare consideration]...........................................
10-Use of non-returnable deposits.........................................
11-Money to be forwarded to me for travel expenses............................................

1 Route................................................................................................
3-Met at airport/station?............................................................................................4-Arrive early?...........................................................................................................
5-Leave immediately or delayed............................................................................

3 Residential?..........................................................................................
4-Meals? [pot luck, provided, eat out. other]..............
5-Chairs, cushions, blankets, pillows,........
6-Tape recorder available?.........................
8-Facilities for making hot drinks.........................................................9-Min number.................
10-Max number..................
11-Need my photo?...............
12-Advert required?....................

Foreign publishers of_
Healing the Cause - A Path of Forgiveness


have given the translation of the book title first (1) followed by the publisher's name (2) and then address of the publisher (3).

3 - Editora Pensamento ltda
Rua Dr. Mario Vicente,
374-04270-000 São Paulo,
Tel: (011) 272 1399
Fax: (011) 272 4770

3 - Verlag und Vertrieb Gmbh
Herrenweg 2
D79261 Gutach i.Br
Tel: 07681 6025
Fax: 07681 6027


3 - BP 3
05300 Barret - Le -Bas
Tel: 33.492.65.10.61

3 - Errepar S.A
Avda. San Juan 960 - (1147) buenos Aires
Republica Argentina
TeL: 300-5142-307-9394
Fax; (541) 300-0951-(541) 307-9541

3 - Uitgeverij, Ankh-Hermes bv, Postbus 125,
7400 AV Deventer, NEDERLAND

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